About Us

I want to work with you and see your business grow, even if its done over a cup of coffee, at no cost.

Born from a belief that good marketing should not be constructed of gimmicks or slight of hand, I focus on bringing real value to my clients. I have a background in marketing communications and I have witnessed the marketing landscape firsthand. Working as a media buyer, content creator, and social media manager I saw something I could make an impact on.

Businesses get taken advantage of by marketing agencies all the time. I was able to help one of them and now I work with a wide variety of clients. I love getting to know different people and the inner workings of their company’s. Marketing Strategies United has since grown to provide a host of services from broad marketing strategies and website creation to specific marketing material creation and media buying.

Marketing with purpose is at the core of what I do. This means working closely with your business to add measurable value both to your business and your community. I believe that marketing strategies should positively impact both your bottom line and your customers. I want to work with you and see your business grow.

Mission Statement

Communicating with honesty and intent to explore how far we can grow your business with you. It is not about being the most creative, the hardest working, or the most accountable, but rather to be all of these things. We strive to expand your business, projects, and opportunities.

Your business is unique and our promise is to do whatever it takes to help it exceed its potential. Developing strategies that mirror your passion for what you do and why the world should take notice.

Value Statement

I am committed to adding value to all of our clients. Creating “for-purpose” strategies that will both grow your business and positively impact the community around you is our promise. My balance sheet totals the number of people we are able to help and we work hard every day to push this number north.